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North Atlantic Ocean OSSE

Evaluation of North Atlantic Model Mean



Five-year mean climatology Sea Surface Temperature (SST, in oC, left) and Sea Surface Salinity (SSS, right) from the NR and the FM are compared to each other and to mean fields of SST and SSS obtained from the Navy GDEM3 Climatology. The Gulf Stream warm waters and thermal fronts across the North Atlantic are very visible in both models, as captured in the GDEM3 SST mean climatology. Simulated SST is warmer than the GDEM SST in the western Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico while it is cooler than the GDEM SST in the south of Equator in open Atlantic (low temperature pool). Maximum SSS areas are west of 50oW and between 20oN and 30oN in both models as shown in the GDEM SSS climatology. With implementation of area source for the Amazon and relaxation to the climatology, the Amazon freshwater (purple) in the NR is spreading to the northeast (blue) while it is confined to the coast in the FM. (Note: For a bigger view please click on the figure.)